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Delicious and nutritious


So. I moved out awhile ago, been doing my own grocery shopping (which can be a blessing, but also a burden..especially when you're hungry and craving some junk food). Since the weather is getting more tame around here, I'm interested in treating myself to healthy foods and exercising whenever I can.

So, a couple food related questions for you. . .

- What are some good things to pick up at the grocery store that will really get me going and will actually do my body a favor?
- What are some easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal plans. I love playing chef, but I don't always have the time to whip up something amazing.
- What keeps you motivated to eat healthy?

Any responses would be great. I'm really trying to get on track and it's always good to know what other people are doing to get on track, or even just to stay on track.

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fruit is nature's candy! ;)

seriously though, don't ever buy junk food and buy lots of fruit and veg. even if you don't eat them a lot right now, without any alternative in the house you'll be forced to eat them and eventually you'll get used to them and start wondering what exactly the appeal of doritos and twinkies was in the first place.
It's much harder when you're trying to eat healthy and your husband brings home the junk ;)
1. I am a big fan of whole grains (whole grain breads, bran cereals, etc.). Bran cereal sounds kind of dull, but it is actually amazingly great with soy milk. As far as the sweetness goes, fat_yellowstars is right, fruit is great when your searching for something sweet. I like to make smoothies with fruit and low fat yoplait yogurt.
2. I am the microwave queen, so as far as recipes go, I don't know what to help you with! However, I recommend the brand Morningstar Farms- they have amazingly good vegetarian patties that are low in fat, and high in protein.
3. What usually keeps me motivated to continue to eat healthy is looking at my life long-term. America's waistline in general has grown to the extreme, and it's quite a shame to see this happen- as well, heart disease is so prevalent and common these days- and I know that if I continue to eat healthy, I'll live a long life. My life is more important than those cookies.

I hope you find some good foods!
nonfat yogurt is great! Oh and Special K bars, I could live on those..great snacks. Any fat free dairy is probably the easiest thing to remember while at the store. Think about what fruits/vegetables you enjoy most and focus on those while at the store.

What keeps me motivated to eat healthy is just my own past experiences. I started eating healthy, lost 6 pounds...Ate too much ice cream, binged at a BBQ resturaunt, gained back 4. Started eating healthy again, lost 3 of those 4 pounds. Hahah, so I know the consequences all too well.
Oh and here is a website that has tons of low fat recipes...
check it out

One thing I couldn't live without is fruit dip. I love fruit, but an apple a day can get boring sometimes. A really good fruit dip is low cal cream cheese mixed with the marshmellow stuff, or some low fat caramel for apple slices. Eating bananas with peanut butter and raisins is always one of my favorites as well. :)

One thing that helps me stay motivated (and I hope this doesn't sound mean or condesending) is seeing very overweight people put boxes and boxes of donuts and junk into their shopping carts. It makes me both really sad for them, and really scared for them. Just think about what junk food does for your body: Nothing good.