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Probiotic Chocolate

Today I was in the dairy section of my local Safeway, and spotted and picked up these new bars, called Attune.  Supposedly they have 5x the amount of probiotics as yogurt.  They're vegan (not that I care, but some do), only 100 calories in a bar, and one box is a week's supply (7 bars), and it was dirt cheap (on sale 10 for $10), so I figured "what the heck, why not?"
I got the chocolate crisp, hoping against hope that they wouldn't suck.  
OMG.  They are AMAZINGLY tasty!  Seriously, it tastes like an actual chocolate bar.  But, way better for you.  One bar has just the right size for portion sanity, 7g fat, 8g sugar, 1g protein, 3 g fiber.  Still not *great* for you, but WAY better than a Hershey's bar!  
The companies website:   

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